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It May Not Weight Much But Boy Will It Bless You!

Check out the new Spring Collection of laminated travelers notebooks.

Laminated TN's are lighter and easier to carry to your meetings, bible studies and prayer gatherings. With the pockets, it makes it easier to carry and to collect contact information of your new contacts and carry stickers and quick note sheets for your to/do lists and grocery lists. Four elastics allows you to include your insert books, calendar and fun additions of your choice like zipper pouches and shaker cards.

The biggest plus of using travelers notebooks is the ease with which one can change out the inserts and add in what makes it customized to your lifestyle and character. You are never stuck with a type of planner layout that no longer works for you. You download a digital print or purchase one anywhere to make it represent your lifestyle. And with the pricing being just right you can maintain a notebook for each of the different aspects of your lifestyle;

Personal: lists, budgeting, calendar, etc);

Business: orders, supplies to acquire, upcoming projects, calendar, etc.

Faith Planning: bible study notes, declarations, calendar, prayer requests/ prayers, etc

Notebooks help us to organize our lives with character. Get started today at Enjoy this months discount code: BHM 15% off your purchase.


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