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Discover the Passion of the Scribe!

When we honor God's communications God honors us.

We create original prayer books to organize your prayer life and trigger your God communications. When we honor God's communications He honors us.

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Unleashing the Calling

Links to Your Callings

Your God assignments are connected to the relationships that are set up to elevate you and develop your giftings and source you to your callings.
Dreams - God shares with you dreams of yourself transformed so you have an idea of just how far He will take you in your season if you let Him. It is easier to hit a target if you have seen the target and start to stand in agreement with God on where He is taking you. Write out the goals that God is laying before you. Document what it will take to get there. We are His hands and feet in the earth realm. We are to be in motion manifesting the targets that God has revealed to us. What will it really take to get there? Can you get there to that target in a month, six months, a year? Break down those action assignments by month and weeks and then by days. It is now time to go forth and MANIFEST!
Some of the dreams He gives us are instructional that we are walking in-line with His process for our season. Some of the dreams are warning dreams, that we know what to pray for and what to release into our territory. Some of the dreams are vivid and detail to give us an understanding of our positioning in the assignment. Yes, there are also prophetic dreams that reveal to us the path before us and what may take place in our territory.

Your Mobile Prayer Closet

Enter The Realm of the Scribe Here!

Your prayer book is your mobile prayer closet. Your privacy is almost guaranteed and you can release to God your prayers, supplications, declarations, God's vision for your season, and solidify your prophetic utterings, visions and dreams. This is where you will track and trace the God of your development, destiny and enrichment and training. We live in a world where one can almost say and do anything and expect it to just turn out according to their expectations. The bible says God's ways are not like our ways. As we become a glory carrier we start to move and speak in a manner that is more like God instead of our old ways. God builds up trust in the walk we carry out and our God assignments begin. We now notice how our words, writings and actions carry weight in the kingdom of heaven. Thus our every word spoken and written now carry the power to manifest.

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15 Minutes Chronicle with a Scribe - FB Live

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Perfect Execution

15 Minutes Chronicles of a Scribe - Samantha Escobedo

Scribe Samantha, social media manager, discusses how scribing produces intercession and clearer revelation for her in her journey of recovery, mentoring, sponsorship and more. She can be reached at

A Real Success

15 Minutes Chronicles of a Scribe - Dr. Twanna Y'vette Ray

Dr. Ray, CEO of TY Enterprises, discusses how scribing has unlocked the  miracles of God's itervention in car accidents, illnesses and her calling to prepare her to be a laborer in God's field. She is a minister, entrepreneur and public speaker that offers courses in ministry, cosmetology and crafting as well as a life coaching. She can be contacted at

Exceptional Achievement

15 Minutes Chronicles of a Scribe - Renee Purdie, CEO of Ms.Rising Star

Scribe Renee discusses how scribing has been instrumental in her career and business to release the testimonies of God's people all over the world. She is a brand builder that also offers classes for website building, brand building, e-book writing as well as coaching sessions and subscription packages. She can be contacted at and

Exceptional Achievement

15 Minutes Chronicles of a Scribe - Minister Morgan Byrd

Minister Morgan Byrd, CEO of Kingdom Destined Change Agents explores her scribing process that helps her to track the visions and dreams from God and to clarify her God assignments and intercessory strategy for her season. In addition  to being a minister she is a coach in the health industry. She can be contacted at

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