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We create original prayer books to organize your prayer life and trigger your God communications. When we honor God's communications He honors us.


Habakuk 2:2-3

Your Manifestation Process

Your God assignment requires that you write it out so that the Holy Spirit may manifest it. Your manifestation process is visual and verbal. 2 Chronicles 7:15 God is watching your actions and listening to your words to assign angels in your manifestation process. Fasting and prayer helps to push through the clarity you need to walk firmly into your assignment and answer the call that God spoken into your spirit. Although we are not in total control over the timing of our process we can contribute to the potency of our anointing and vision. Simply waiting for a sign is not an actual action for completing our tasks. Each action that we take causes a response from heaven. Whether we are declaring the promise of God in an area over our life or if we are actually starting the research and connecting with the groups, people and networks that are working in the area or of our vision and promise we must start to instigate the hand of heaven. Show God you can be trusted with the bones of what He is showing you in your vision, your dreams and your heart by doing what you can from your end. Start the research, the outline, look for those that making it happen and begin a savings for it. Alot yourself the time and schedule for it in your planner to start writing, taking classes, practicing whatever the next step is to work out your call, your vision - your assignment. Release all expectation for perfection and just get started where you are today.

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