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Balancing all of the Little Things

The tools we use can craft the day, the project or the year we desire.


These days there are so many things to keep track of: bills, groceries, appointments, deadlines, supplies to order. Mini travelers notebooks are just the thing to take with you into the grocery store, doctor (to keep track of your questions and the doctors instructions), other appointments, bill paying, gym (track you reps, machines & exercises), etc. Do it all in style in a laminated travelers notebook - personal size or mini.

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Making lists regularly helps to increase our ability to process information, stay on task & complete projects. Planners help us to keep it all together. Bored with your schedule... start over with a new planner and strategize on the ways to mix up program. Include a little adventure with an animal print. It's a new year and an opportunity to create the life, the business, the activities that haven't done before.

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