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Dreams - What kind of dreamer are you?

Prophetic Dreamers are quite unique. One must be awakened in the super natural to recognize when the Holy Spirit is speaking. There are different kinds of prophetic dreams:

* Warning Dreams

*Instructional Dreams

*Informative Dreams

*Revelatory Dreams

To be awakened in the supernatural one must have an encounter with someone walking in the supernatural or prayed a prophetic activation prayer. There is an impartation that occurs when one has the Holy Spirit and encounters someone walking in the super natural. The encounter is a catalyst to the awakening of an individuals ability to discern the supernatural and interpret the Holy Spirit in a deeper way. If you are interested in walking further with the Holy Spirit and interpreting the communications from the kingdom of heaven, simply begin to provoke heaven. Pray that God will help you to see and hear in the spirit more clearly. Ask God for discernment and interpretation of your dreams and visions. Fast and pray more frequently devote yourself to the will and purpose of God over your own ideas and familiarities. We are living in a special time. The prophetic is pouring out more now than ever. Instead of resisting the things we are not familiar with, maybe it is time to ask God to multiply our discernment and interpretation that we may walk more intently and purposeful in the power of God.

​Dreams - Why Document Them?

It is extremely important to document one's dreams. It allows for the dream recall process to become more potent. Documenting one's dream life allows for one to track the messages and timing of the kingdom of heaven in terms of in what season and what types of symbols God uses when He communicates to you information, warnings and plans. It helps one to learn their personal short hand with God in how He speaks to you. We learn the pattern that God is using specifically for us when we see symbols like money, mantels, sheathes, etc. The kingdom of heaven is provoked by faith, voice and actions. Show God you value His communications and His plans for your season by documenting them. Watch your understanding of the messages grow and transform into clearer understandings, blue prints and orders from God. When the bible says that,

Matthew 22:14 King James Version

14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

Although we are called to serve God in a particular capacity, we must choose to obey, we must chose to pursue God in our training of the calling. Every calling requires training. Documenting our journey as we pursue our calling will help us to memorialize our accomplishments in God so we can better understand how far we have come. Called and chosen people quickly learn that there are levels in this God-calling. At every step God is partnering with His people to come up higher. Some of our questions in God are answered quickly and some are answered in days, weeks or months. But whatever the pace, our growth in understanding of the call and the will of the Father for our lives will encourage us to pursue God further.

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