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The Power of the Scribe

Scribes have a powerful responsibility in the kingdom of heaven. Without the scribes, some of the epistles would not have been documented for the church. God's words have withstood the test of time and human error. Scribes help to track and trace God through out history. The documentation of the holy releases of God from the kingdom of heaven helps us to follow through on our God assignments. Have you ever had a thought or an inclination and got up to go to the kitchen and then forgot why you walked in there? When we document the instructions and revelations from the Holy Spirit it helps us to stay on track with our God assignments so that we may complete our purpose. Some times we can get off track in our walk with God because we were not hearing with intention to execute our instructions. Living a life in intercession to pull from the kingdom of heaven allows us to have a more dedicated focus. We live in a state of readiness for God at that point instead of always wondering what is God doing and where is my purpose?

Have you had the opportunity to live before vehicle navigation and navigation apps? Believe it or not there was a time before these inventions were created and a lot of people would simply have to decline invitations to events and appointments if they were to take place at a new location they had never traveled and it was going to take place at night. This is because people would have to navigate instructions from other people or maybe even print out some directions then take them with them on their journey to a new destination. If it occurred at night fall they could be too stressed to navigate the dark signs alone and have to decline the invitation. Without the a partnership with the Holy Spirit we can easily misread a sign or event in our life and take the wrong path. When our confidence is not in something more reliable then unvetted directions one can easily become insecure, stressed and lose enthusiasm for their assignment. As we go into private prayer and document the instructions from the Holy Spirit we are more apt to follow through on our God assignment and be more clear with our purpose. We can look back and see what God was saying to us a year ago and how it has evolved to today's instruction. There is power in information and being able to track the history of an instruction. It allows you to face your assignment with a certain peace and confidence that will help you to see it through to the end. When we have a record to look back on and we see the outcome of certain instructions we can forge toward the future without hesitations. Our focus can now be more undivided and devoted.


Write down (3) things that God is urging you to complete this year. Then document a prayer to assist you in the manifestation of those assignments. Be sure to date the prayer. You will be amazed at what God moves into place to complete those assignments.

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